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jokin bout my once-was-a-nigga Mike Jackson RIP

Talkin shit about Kobe lol

Clip from my special talkin bout the president

Quakes Show Schedule

MY SHOW CALENDAR but shit might change but if it does yall will know

March 18-20

Richmond Funny Bone

Richmond, VA


March 25-27

Kansas City Improv

Kansas City, MO


March 31-April 2

Hartford Funny Bone

Manchester, CT


April 29-May 1

Dayton Funny Bone

Dayton, OH


May 8

Atlanta Civic Center

Atlanta, GA


May 13-15

Tommy T’s

Pleasanton, CA


June 17-19

Denver Improv

Denver, CO


June 23-26

Off the Hook

Marco Island, FL


July 14-17

Louisville Improv

Louisville, KY


July 22-24

Tommy T’s

Rancho Cordova, CA

July 28-30

Comedy Zone

Jacksonville, FL


August 26-28

Arlington Improv

Arlington, TX


September 23-25

Cleveland Improv

Cleveland, OH


October 21-23
Tommy T’s

Pleasanton, CA


November 4-6

Cincinnati Funny Bone

Newport, KY


November 10-13

Ontario Improv

Ontario, CA